Special products and production in series, welded aluminium constructions, stainless steel and carbon steel constructions. Work platforms, steps for all fields of industry. Dock constructions. External and internal maintenance platforms for busses, trolley-busses, metro carriages, wagons, railway engines and aircrafts. Design and manufacturing of pump aggregates. Innovation, design, production. Cutting, plate bending, turning, milling, welding, etc.


  1. Design of metal structures and frames
  2. Design of aluminium and steel work platforms (both mobile and stationary, e.g. 110 m long two-stage platform system for metro carriage maintenance)
  3. Design and development of special devices and equipment
  4. Reconstruction design of service parts unavailable in trade
  5. Innovation


Quality assurance:
Maintenance stands are approved by TÜV, and we are pleased to get approved any other special product upon customer request.



Our workshop is equipped with traditional universal machines such as power-lathe, milling machine, grinder, bending fixtures, cutters and welding apparatuses.
With these, our experienced workers are prepared to meet the highest quality standards. Reasonable prices and accurately specified timeframes build trust in our customers, which also makes the basis of our future development.



  1. Aluminium (AWI)
  2. Welding aluminium casting, reconstruction of car parts
  3. Welding stainless steel structures
  4. Welding constructional steel


  1. Bolts, shafts, threaded bolts, supporting stands for operating platforms, ball-head spindles, non-series parts, etc.


  1. Surface and form milling, manufacturing punching and perforating tools
  2. In small and medium-sized serials


  1. Precise cutting of aluminium profiles
  2. Cutting steel and aluminium pipes and profiles with metal band saw
  3. Cutting metal plates with shearing machine

Pipe and profile bending.